From the past: Vivisimo Introduces Gov Tab for Clusty

Resource to Search and Cluster FirstGov, Think Tanks, Government Documents and Political News

Pittsburgh, PA— Vivisimo (, the leading provider of intelligent clustering, search and metasearch software for organizing search results, today introduced a new service for Clusty to search and cluster political news, government information sites such as FirstGov, think tanks and large, publicly released government documents such as the 2006 Federal Budget and the 9/11 Report from a single site.

Located at, the new Gov Tab is powered by Vivisimo’s award-winning clustering technology and is designed to help searchers easily navigate the massive amounts of government-related information generated on a daily basis.

Clusty Gov Tab Features

  • Government News: The latest government and politics news is clustered on the Gov Tab home page by default. Visitors get a quick overview of all the major themes in the day’s news without any extra effort. Users can view news from a variety of sources, including CNN Politics, Associated Press Political News and Yahoo! Political News.
  • Popular Sources: With a single query, users simultaneously search several popular government sources including FirstGov, The Brookings Institute, The Cato Institute, RAND, DefenseLink and more.
  • Government Documents: The Gov Tab provides a one-stop resource for searching specific government documents of popular interest, including the U.S. Government’s 2006 Budget, the Duelfer Report on Weapons of Mass Destruction in Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and the 9/11 Commission’s final report. Clusty will add new documents of popular interest to this archive as they become available.
  • Congress Keymatch: The Gov Tab allows searchers to enter their state inititals or the name of their state, or ZIP code, and easily find information about their senators and representative, including a contact form and voting records.

The features of Clusty’s new Gov Tab keep Web searchers easily connected with policy decisions and perspectives on current events at both the Federal and regional level.

About Clusty

Clusty is the popular, full-service search site powered by Vivisimo’s award-winning clustering technology. Instead of simply presenting long lists of results, Clusty groups search results into folder topics, giving users a quick overview of the main themes in the results and letting them focus on topics of interest. Built in response to the popularity of a demo search box on Vivisimo’s corporate Website, Clusty takes search to a new level, with dedicated search tools for the most popular search activities and the first-ever customized search tab. Clusty comes in multiple flavors, including the new Wii and Mobile versions.

About Vivisimo

Vivisimo does search right by combining the simplicity and innovation of consumer search with the flexibility and control of enterprise software. The company works with customers to understand their goals and quickly deploy solutions that maximize the business value of information—with an interface users love. Vivisimo serves its global client base through headquarters in Pittsburgh, PA, and Paris, France, and partners throughout the world. Please visit to learn more about us and visit our Search Done Right blog to learn more about enterprise search.


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