New Research on Mining the Semantic Deep Web

From IntelFusion:

Toward the Semantic Deep Web

Computer (09/08) Vol. 41, No. 9, P. 95; Geller, James; Chun, Soon Ae; An, Yoo Jung

The Semantic Deep Web integrates Semantic Web components with the employment of ontology-aware browsers to squeeze information out of the Deep Web, which is nonindexable, invisible, and concealed online content that is only accessible via Web services or Web-form interfaces, write New Jersey Institute of Technology professor James Geller and colleagues.

“The primary goals of the Semantic Deep Web are to access Deep Web data through various Web technologies and to realize the Semantic Web’s vision by enriching ontologies using this data,” the authors note. To access the Deep Web with Semantic Web technologies, the Semantic Deep Web utilizes ontology plug-in search, a method for enriching a domain ontology with Deep Web data semantics so that it can be used to refine user search queries processed by a conventional search.

Another key Semantic Deep Web process is Deep Web service annotation, in which Deep Web services are annotated with Deep Web data semantics so that they can be searched by a Semantic Web search engine. It is simpler from a semantic perspective to obtain ontologies from Deep Web data sources, especially well-structured relational back-end databases, than from unstructured natural-language text documents.

Activities Geller lists as necessary for fusing Semantic Web and Deep Web technologies together include the development of ontology-aware, high-quality Web search engines; construction of large ontologies from Deep Web sites, beginning with all e-commerce subdomains; achieving acceptance of an “open source attitude” in the e-commerce space to simplify the building of Deep Web ontologies by accessing securely locked data sources; creation of libraries of semantic crawlers designed to extract back-end database information; and assembly of comprehensive index structures for Deep Web sites.

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  1. Too many repetition of the word “deep web semantic”. At first I thought it had something to do with deep ocean exploration or something like that.

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