From Intelligence to Private Security : DC Capital Partners

Source: IntelligenceOnline

After buying a raft of sub-contractors of American intelligence agencies, DC Capital Partners is setting up a new holding company devoted to private security.

The American equity firm DC Capital Partners LLC has, in two quick moves, hired a former head of the CIA’s National Clandestine Service, Jose Rodriguez (IOL 579) and snapped up Multi-Threaded Inc., a small group specializing in unstructured data management. Multi-Threaded has been incorporated into the DC Capital holding company that encompasses all of its intelligence assets, the National Interest Security Company (NISC, see graph below). 

At the same time, DC Capital is putting together a new holding company specializing in security, training and logistics. Named Elite Training & Security, LLC, its center-piece will be made up by the Kaseman LLC group. A regular supplier of the State Department and Department of Homeland Security, Kaseman furnishes anti-terrorist services and sees to the construction of secure buildings (embassies), notably in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan, Indonesia and Colombia. DC Capital is planning other acquisitions in the sector and briefly thought of buying out Triple Canopy (IOL 566). 

Thomas Campbell, founder and president of DC Capital, says he is also preparing to invest in the fields of open source intelligence, cyber-security and biometrics. His board is made up essentially of former senior CIA and Pentagon officials, and he can count on a powerful network of retired generals working for the Spectrum Group consultancy, in which he bought a controlling interest last year.


WASHINGTON — DC Capital Partners L.L.C. (“DC Capital”), a private equity firm headquartered in Washington, DC, focused on investing primarily in the defense and federal sectors, announced today that it had completed the acquisitions of Omen, Inc., (“OMEN”), the intelligence services division of Global Analytic IT Services, Inc., and Technology and Management Services, Inc., (“TMS”). Collectively these businesses will operate under a newly created company, controlled by DC Capital, National Interests Security Company L.L.C, (“NISC”).

OMEN is a leading provider of sophisticated software and systems engineering services to key customers in the Intelligence Community with expertise in data acquisition, content management, information dissemination, collection and analysis of communications and electronic intelligence. Similarly, the information services division of GAITS, renamed and organized as National Intelligence Support Services LLC (“NISS”), provides complementary information technology services to the same community. TMS provides a broad range of management consulting and technology services to U.S. Government executive departments and agencies, including but not limited to, the Department of Energy and the Department of Homeland Security.

As a combined company, NISC will have over 350 employees with a significant number having top secret and higher security clearances supporting contracts of national interest and critical to national security. The companies will initially operate under two verticals, independent of each other, while they continue to grow and enhance their core capabilities.

“By partnering with DC Capital and combining with the other businesses that now comprise NISC we believe we are well positioned to capitalize on our core strengths and leverage them into new markets,” said Jared Murayama, President of Omen.

Keller Staley, President of TMS, stated, “This is a great opportunity for our company. I am confident DC Capital will enhance our ability to grow our business organically and through acquisitions.”

“Under the NISC umbrella we will have the capabilities, depth, and size to provide a greater offering of services to our customers and will provide expanded career opportunities for the employees,” said Thomas J. Campbell, Chairman of NISC and President of DC Capital. “The companies have excellent management and a highly skilled and dedicated workforce. We are extremely pleased to have them as partners.”


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