OSC Conference

Good idea in osint realm: “For those of who you don’t know the work of the OSC, they have in my opinion single-handedly elevated the profession of Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) collection and analysis from getting no respect inside the Intelligence Community (IC) to one that every agency is designating as a must-have.

The conference was only open to current members of the IC plus invited speakers, and the speakers came from very diverse backgrounds. In fact, I was the only speaker who focused on the Russian Internet from a cyber warfare perspective (i.e., the Internet as an attack platform and Social Networks as target-rich environments). Others were academics, journalists, and a few security and intelligence professionals, and everyone focused on a different area. It was very stimulating with lots of audience interaction both during the sessions (lots of time provided for Q&A), during the breaks, and afterwards.

Fortunately, Sensa Solutions who handled the logistics for the OSC has posted some of the presentations on their Website. I particularly enjoyed Persephone Miel (Which came first, Russian Media or Russian Reality) andMikhail Alexseev (Internet Search Traffic and Ethnic Relations in Russia), but they are all worth reading.” via IntelFusion

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