The role of visual complexity in POLINT

Reading about visual complexity I have just found this picture:

The New Yorker

and now we can realize the importance of technology in political intelligence!

The Afghanistan Stability diagram is an intricate network chart that claims to comprehensively outline the situation of the war on Afghanistan. The nodes on the map are rouglhly divided into general clusters by color, and describe everything from domestic support for the operation, ro the dynamics of the insurgent factions, to popular support and various economic infrastrcutures at play. Famously, General McCrystal declared that “When we understand that slide, we’ll have won the war” at a briefing in Kabul.

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How ‘doxing’ can destroy your reputation and bring company stocks to their knees

Grey hat hackers are using open-source data to manipulate the stock price of successful companies.

Grey hat hackers are using open-source data to manipulate the stock price of successful companies.

In February this year, a previously unknown research body named Zatarra published a report on one of Europe’s fastest-growing fintech companies, Wirecard. That report claimed Wirecard, or individual senior staff, were guilty of money laundering, defrauding Visa and Mastercard, hosting porn on company websites and more.

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Russia possibly mapping underwater internet cables in Mediterranean

Approximately one year ago, the Russian navy caused quite a stir by hanging around internet cables in the Atlantic for some period of time. The accusation was the Russians were mapping the cables in o

Source: Russia possibly mapping underwater internet cables in Mediterranean

Intelligence agency wants computer scientists to develop brain-like computers

IARPA, the radical research arm of the of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence this week said it was looking at two groups to help develop this new generation of computers: computer scientists with experience in designing or building…

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How it looks a network plan …?

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Desperate MH17 “Intelligence” Spin. Ukraine Secret Service Contends that “Pro-Russian Rebels had Targeted a Russian Passenger Plane”. “But Shot Down Flight MH17 by Mistake”

According to Ukraine’s Secret Service, the alleged design of the pro-Russian rebels was to shoot down a Russian passenger plane, with a view to blaming the Ukrainian government and justifying a Rus…

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