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Your personal web archive – saved forever with iterasi

iterasi is a simple browser-based tool for saving any web page—dynamically generated or otherwise—with the click of a button. The dynamic content is saved immediately—frozen in that moment in time—in an accessible HTML format and stored to a secure personal account. With iterasi, any web page can be saved, searched and shared anytime, from anywhere, forever.


OSINT project assigned to students

College students get plenty of assignments, but this one was different.

It came from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence as a challenge to think tanks, security companies, collegiate teams and veterans of the U.S. intelligence community. Continue reading →

How-To: Determining Source Reliability On The Internet (Link List)

There are a number of great sites (mostly libraries) where there is good guidance on how to evaluate internet based sources. I intend, in this post, to list some of those sites and identify some up-and-coming tools. Finally, I want to highlight an important contribution to this literature that specifically pertains to intelligence analysis.
Virtually every good research library has a page dedicated to evaluating internet based sources. Some good examples include, among others: Continue reading →

From the past: Vivisimo Introduces Gov Tab for Clusty

Resource to Search and Cluster FirstGov, Think Tanks, Government Documents and Political News

Pittsburgh, PA— Vivisimo (, the leading provider of intelligent clustering, search and metasearch software for organizing search results, today introduced a new service for Clusty to search and cluster political news, government information sites such as FirstGov, think tanks and large, publicly released government documents such as the 2006 Federal Budget and the 9/11 Report from a single site. Continue reading →